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Pueblo Magico Authentic Mexican Restaurant Favorite Menu Items Hand-Picked By Our Customers And Friends

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– Appetizers –

Salsa and Chips

Homemade corn tortilla and traditional salsa: green, red or hot spicy salsa



Guacamole and Chips

Fresh avocado mixed with onions, cilantro and lime juice and corn tortilla chips



Nachos del Pueblo

Tortilla chips, black beans, Mexican cream, cheese, pico de gallo, grated cheese, pickle, Jalapeños and guacamole – with a choice of:


Chicken $3.50 or Steak $4.50



Mexican chorizo with melted cheese and grated cheese in top served with chips




A corn husk stuffed with masa and shredded chicken choice of salsa green, red or mole sauce. Rajas is tomatoes, onions jalapenos and cheese. ( no meat)



Tostada ( no meat )

Fried corn tortilla, black beans, lettuce, grated cheese, Mexican cream & avocado.


– Salads –

Add Chicken $3.00 or Steak $4.00 extra

Mexican Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, black beans, avocado, jalapenos



Poor Salad

Romaine lettuce, carrots, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado



Nena Salad

Romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, Mexican cream, and cheese in flour shell tortilla


– Tacos –

3 Traditional Mexican tacos handmade soft corn tortilla and topped with onions and cilantro. Your choice of traditional salsa red or green served with fresh cucumbers radish and lemons choice of meat:

Chicken , steak chorizo, al pastor

Marinated Pork with home sauce with pineapple



( chorizo and steak)


Tacos Placeros

One big taco handmade con tortilla stuffed with rice seasoned jalapenos with onions, fresh french fries, and your options of:


Boiled egg with chorizo


Home potatoes with chorizo


Breaded Chicken


Breaded Steak


Chile Relleno


– Tostadas –

2 crispy fried corn tortilla topped with black beans, lettuce, grated cheese, Mexican cream, avocado in top and your option:

Mexican Cheese Oaxaca

Queso Oaxaca




shredded chicken with onions, tomatoes and chipotle sauce


– Memelas –

2 Plain Memelas x $12.00

2 oval handmade tortilla filled with beans prepared with house seasonings topped with traditional salsa onions , Mexican cream and grated cheese with choice of green or red salsa. Meat options:

Chicken $14.00 * Chorizo $15.00 * Steak $15.00

– Quesadillas –

Homemade corn tortilla folded in half stuffed with quesillo and the option of your filling served with rice, beans and Mexican cream


Only cheese no meat


Grilled chicken


Grilled steak



shredded chicken prepared w/sliced onions, tomatoes and chipotle sauce



sauteed poblano peppers, onions, corn and cream


– Tortas –

Mexican sandwich fluffy bun spread with mayonnaise, beans, lettuce, plum, tomatoes, onions, avocado and queso Oaxaca. Options of jalapenos or chipotle and your choice of meat:

Milanesa de pollo

breaded chicken


Milanesa of Steak

breaded beef


Carne enchilada

marinated pork



sausage Mexican egg yellow cheese ham and cheese Oaxaca



– Burritos –

Chicken Burrito Magico

Flour tortilla stuffed with sauteed poblano peppers, corn, onions, Mexican cream, rice, black beans, with option of salad or french fries



Burrito Mi Pueblo

Flour tortilla stuffed with rice, black beans, mushrooms, cheese, onions, jalapenos, steak. Served with cactus salad or french fries.



Burrito Matti

Cauliflower, bell peppers, onions , beans, rice, ham and cheese with spicy sauce served with salad


Burrito J

Rice, beans, bacon , Mexican cream, cheese Oaxaca, poblano pepper.



– Platos de la Casa –

    Magic Combination

Grilled steak, guacamole, pico de gallo, grilled cheese, scallions served with rice, beans and fresh tortillas


Chile Relleno

Egg battered poblano pepper stuffed filled with cheese covered with home tomato sauce and pieces of cheese on top served with rice, beans and corn tortillas ( handmade)


Flautas (Cheese or Chicken)

5 Golden taquitos, Mexican cream, lettuce, grated queso, avocado on top – PRICES VARIES BYT THE MEAT OF CHOICE


Enchiladas Atlixco

4 fold corn tortillas with your choice of meat covered with your choice of home sauce topped with lettuce, Mexican cream, onions, fresh radish, and avocado with a choice of sauce green, red or mole – PRICES VARIES BY THE MEAT OF CHOICE


Plato a la Mexicana ( Mexican style dish)

Sauteed tomatoes, white onions and fresh green jalapenos and avocado on top, served with rice, beans and hand made corn tortillas

Cheese or Chicken $15.50 * Steak $16.50

Alambre Oaxaca

Your choice of meat, grilled topped with chopped bacon, chopped ham, bell peppers, onions and cheese oaxaca served with rice and corn tortillas


Chicken $17.00 * Steak $18.00

Fajitas del Pueblo

Grilled strips of spiced steak or chicken sauteed peppers and onions served with rice, beans and handmade tortilla


Chicken $16.00 * Steak $17.00

Camarones a la Diabla

Shrimp in spicy sauce serve with white rice avocado and bread


Camarones Belford

Grilled Shrimp dipped in garlic sauce, chopped dried Mexican chili, cherry tomatoes on top of romaine lettuce served with white rice and your choice of creamy chipotle or jalapeno


Camarones Atlixco

Breaded shrimp served in creamy chipotle or jalapeno sauce with rice and salad


– Kids Menu –

Del Chavo Burrito

Flour tortilla stuffed w/ rice, beans and chicken served with fresh french fries


Pollito Feliz

Breaded or grill Chicken. Choice of rice , beans or fresh french fries


Chiquita Quesadillas

2 Mini quesadillas with your choice
Ham & Cheese  or Chicken & Cheese


Mini Taco

One taco ( corn tortilla ) of chicken or steak with cheese on top served with fresh french fries


Little boss

2 mini tacoquitos flour tortillas with chorizo and cheese, served with fresh french fries


– Side Order –











Pico de Gallo



4 x $2.75



Ensalada de Nopal


French Fries


Ice Bucket


– Desserts –

Churros with Ice cream

Churros filled with Mexican style bavarian cream and ice cream on the side (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)


Duraznos with Rompope

Peaches mixed with Mexican rum syrup


De Javi

A cinnamon chimichanga filled with rice pudding chocolate on top


Lichi’s Creamy custard

Fresh homemade creamy vanilla custard


Taco Loco

Ice cream taco with homemade banana sauce


Arroz con Leche

homemade rice pudding


– Drinks –







(Apple Sauce)



(No alcohol)



(Mandarin, Tamarindo)


Boing Juice

(Mango o Guava)



Flavored Water

(Flavor water)





(Sweet rice milk)

Ask for the flavor of the day!


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