Breakfast Menu



– Breakfast Menu –

Breakfast hrs : 7:30AM – 11:30AM from Monday – Saturday

– Burritos –

Burrito Mañanero

Includes bacon, eggs, cheese, home potatoes & crema. Served with fresh fruit on the side.



Burrito Mexicano

Includes eggs and cheese, onion, jalapeños, tomato & cilantro. Served with home potatoes.



Burrito Belford

Includes ham, eggs, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Served with option home potatoes or fresh fruit on the side.



– Tortas –

Mexican sandwich made of fluffy bun with a spread of beans, oaxacan cheese & choice of chipotle pepper or grilled jalapeno & onion slices (rajas).

Torta Mexicana

Made with eggs, tomatoes, onions, freshly sliced jalapeno & cilantro.



Torta de Huevo con Chorizo

Made with eggs and chorizo.



Torta de Jamon con Huevo

Made with eggs and ham.



Torta de Chilaquiles

Made with fried tortilla pieces cooked in choice of sauce. Roja or Verde then layered with crema, avocado, eggs & option of breaded cutlets or breaded steak, all sandwiched in a bun!



– Traditional Dishes –

Additional Toppings:

Fried egg (1) $2.00  Chicken  $3.50  Steak/Chorizo $4.50


Lightly-fried corn tortilla chips smothered in Verde or Roja sauce or Savory-bean sauce (your choice), topped with onions, queso fresco, crema & avocado.




Mini quesadillas filled with quesillo cheese and topped with our tasty tomato sauce & onions, fresh cheese and cream.




Mini quesadillas filled with quesillo cheese smothered over black bean sauce. Topped with fresh queso fresco, purple onion, crema & avocado.




2 oval-shaped thin corn tortillas stuffed with black beans & topped with salsa verde or roja with onions, crema & queso fresco


Chicken +$2.00  Steak/Chorizo +$3.00



Served with chicken & option of salsa: Verde or Roja, mole or rajas (vegetarian friendly thats made with jalapeno, onion, cheese & plum tomato)



– French Toast –

Good Morning

3 classic home-styled french toast topped with bananas & strawberries.



Dulce de Leche

3 classic home-styled french toast topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & a drizzle of dulce de leche syrup



Matador Magico

3 classic plain home-styled french toast served with eggs, home potatoes, and grilled pork roll



– Quesadillas –

Served with salad or home potatoes. Choice of flour or corn tortilla.

Quesadilla Ranchera

Folded tortilla with melted cheese, chorizo, jalapenos & onions



Quesadilla Gringa

Folded tortilla with melted cheese & ham. Served with creamy chipotle on the side.



Quesadilla Mexicana

Folded tortilla with melted oaxacan cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos & scrambled eggs.


Chicken +$2.00  Steak/Chorizo +$3.00


Quesadilla Hawaiian

Folded tortilla with melted cheese, pineaple and ham.



Quesadilla Atlixco

Folded tortilla with mexican zuchini, pork rinds & epazote. Served with salsa of your choice.



Quesadilla de Papas con Chorizo

Folded tortilla with softened potatoes & chorizo. Served with crema and salsa of your choice




– Kids Menu –

Little Monkey

2 mini pancakes topped with banana & nutella.



Jr. French Toast 

Stuffed french toast sandwich with peanut butter and strawberry jelly. Served with a cup of fruit.



Mini Gringa

2 mini quesadillas made of flour tortillas with ham & cheese.



Rainbow Pancakes

2 mini confetti pancakes topped with lechera.



Baby Burrito

Flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese. Served with home potatoes or fruit.



– Pancakes –

Classic Pancakes

3 classic home-styled plain pancakes.



Tres Leches Pancakes

3 pancakes made fluffy & moist topped with homemade 3 leches sauce. 



Banana Pancakes

3 classic pancakes cooked with bananas inside topped with sauteed bananas, pecans & topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.



Magico Pancakes

3 classic home-styled pancakes topped with delicious fresh peaches in sweet vanilla rum syrup & topped with 3 scoops of french vanilla ice cream.



Dream Pancakes

3 classic home-styled pancakes topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas & a drizzle of Nutella.



We want to share with you our hearty breakfast platter with a touch from our hometown Atlixco’s delicious flavors to your tastebuds & tummy!

– Beverages –

Mexican Cafe de Olla



Apple Juice (kids size)



Orange Juice



Chocolate Milk






Mexican Atole

Tres Leches, Cafe, Nuez




Banana, strawberry  or strawberry-banana.


– Sides –

Home Potatoes












Cup of Assorted Fruit






– Egg Platters  –

Huevos Rancheros de Atlixco

2 crispy tortillas layered with beans, chorizo, pico de gallo, crema, queso fresco & topped with 2 fried eggs & avocado.



Huevos Divorciados

2 eggs in salsa roja & salsa verde on a layer of beans & a fried tortilla topped with pico de gallo & queso fresco.



Huevos Ahogados 

Mexican styled poached eggs.  Served with rice and option of tortillas or toasted bread.



Huevos a la Mexicana

Scrambled eggs cooked in a sauce of plum tomatoes, jalapenos, onions & cilantro. Served with beans & choice of toasted bread or tortillas.



Huevos en Salsa Verde or Roja

Scrambled eggs cooked in salsa roja or verde. Served with beans and tortillas.



Huevos al Gusto

Eggs your way served with option of mexican sausage, ham or bacon & option of toast or tortillas, rice and beans.



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